Fix your connection is not private error

This error will pop-up for so many reasons. Some reasons are listed below.

  1. you not installed SSL certificate
  2. you installed SSL certificate but your domain name run with http:// but not https://
  3. Mixed content issue
  4. SSL certificate expired

If you are not installed SSL certificate yet you have to buy it from us or you have to install our free SSL certificate to your domain.

To do that please follow the link 

You installed SSL certificate but your domain name run with http:// but not https://

Let's considering the second issue. Your domain is not running in the secured connection. that mean your URL is http and not https://. to fix this you have to change the URL from http:// to https://. to do this you have several option. only follow one of the below. If you try to do all these method your site will redirect to multiple time.

Method 1

1.Go to cPanel and open domain and turn on Force HTTPS Redirect

Method 2

1.Go to cPanel and open domain and turn off Force HTTPS Redirect.

2.Now go to cpanel and open Redirects. And select these options. 
Type - permanent (301)
https?://(www.)?  - Your domain
/ - let is blank (Don't type anything here)
Redirects to - ()Replace with your domain name)
then select Redirect with or without www.
click Wild card redirection
And click save
Now you done and check you site using a VPN service. because it takes 24 hours to effect all the locations.

Method 3

It's simple but risky. So to do it. 

go to cpanel>file manager> and go to publi_html. You can see a setting tap in the Screen top of the right corner. Click it and select Show Hidden Files (dotfilessave it

you can now see a file named .htaccess in the public html directorierigh click on the file and select edit. Now past the below code bottom of the .htaccess file

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301].
This will do the method to manually. If you done the method two. You can see the above code in the file already placed.


The .htaccess file needs to be located inside the site's document root folder. If your website is in a subfolder, then the .htaccess should be placed in the corresponding subfolder.

You can create or edit the .htaccess file either via FTP, or using with the File Manager available in cPanel. Sometimes the .htaccess file is there but hidden, you can find it by clicking "settings" in the cPanel file editor and click "show dotted files" this should then allow you to see if any .htaccess files are there.

Method 4

if you are hosting a WordPress site. You can install the simple plugin to resolve the issue. We recommend to use Really Simple SSL – WordPress plugin.

This will automate the all the issue.

This plugin also fix the mixed content issue in your WordPress site too

Mixed content issue

If your hosting your site without using any content management system you have to manually search and replace all the link to https. This include image link and ads link.

if you are using a CMS you may have a plugin to automatically replace all the link from http to https

Certificate expired issue

If you are using a paid version of SSL certificate you have to pay and renew you SSL certificate. If you are using a free SSL certificate provided by the promohosts website you need to follow the installation process gain to do this follow the link below. 

Install SSL certificate

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