Server update in process, warning ⛔️


Server update in process. While server being updated there maybe issue in login and access to your cpanel, whm, webmail. Once the upgrade finished, these services will be back automatically

You may see mentioning license error. It is common while updating a server. So please ignore it and wait

Thank you

18th Aug 2022
Deceptive Website Warning

  Hello,   An issue detected related to the whitelabled domain name   When you reaching the domain or subdomain it will show as “Warning”.   The reason for this is, redirection of the domain. We have requested manual review to responsible authorities. So as soon as they finished the review, warning will be ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2022
Late fee for those who pay the bills after overdue date

Hello, As a service provider we are facing so many issues when a client didn't make the payment on time. When a client pay lately there are some issues, Eg: Suspension of the service, Increase support tickets, Unwanted backups... Some of these issues needed to be fixed through a manual intervention by our staff. So it cost extra expenses to ... Read More »

17th May 2022
Reseller limit that will affect from 2022, JAN, 01

Hello, We are providing hosting services for cheaper price for several years. When compared to other hostings our features and cost are very much effective. Just imagine providing 50 cpanels for $5. Some hosting doesn't provide a shared hosting for this price. In 2022 we are bringing some changes to reseller hosting to provide better service to ... Read More »

8th Dec 2021