Updating the server applications

We are running the server application update within one hour. So please don't make changes to your cPanel or whm. When the update is done we will post it here..

Update will be start June,22,2020 10.40PM

Updated successfully June,22,2020 10.45PM

22nd Jun 2020
DDos attack has been recovered

We faced a DDos attack and hopefully we have the Anti DDos protection. So our Shared Hosting servers are protected after few minutes.

To know more about What is DDos attack

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12th Jun 2020
We updating cPanel/Whm Within One hour from Now

Pleas don't make any changes to your websites within these time. When the Update is done we will post.

So please check again here

06/06/2020 18:47 [Update Started]

06/06/2020 18:49 [Updated Successfully]


6th Jun 2020
Virus scan

We are running a virus scan in our server. So you may have issue to login to your cPanel and Whm accounts. We will notify you when the scan is done

28th May 2020