We are providing hosting services for cheaper price for several years. When compared to other hostings our features and cost are very much effective. Just imagine providing 50 cpanels for $5. Some hosting doesn't provide a shared hosting for this price.

In 2022 we are bringing some changes to reseller hosting to provide better service to our client. The changes will be as below

Limitation in creating cpanels

R1-50 cpanels
R2- 100 cpanels
R3- 150 cpanels
R4- 225 cpanels

Resource distribution (core - Main contributing factor for speed of the website)

R1- 100%
R2- 150%
R3- 200%
R4- 250%

Free migration offer (Only for yearly plans)

R1- 5 cpanels
R2- 10 cpanels
R3- 15 cpanels
R4- 20 cpanels


  1. Those who have a subscription for year, these changes will affect after the subscription period end.
  2. if you have more than 225 accounts in your whm, you have to transfer the additional cpanels to another package. this will be done at free of cost (Migration) without any downtime
  3. If you created a whm for your client, as we don't have master reseller plan, you have to convert those whm to a R1, or R2 according to how many cpanels it has and you can provide the access to your client. (It will be whitelabled)

Reason for these changes: reduce the spammers who abuse the server resources and improving the quality of the service. Still we are the one giving 50 cpanels for $5 with litespeed, cloudlinux, softaculous, sitepad, free SSL, free CDN for wordpress, imunify360, free backup and etc etc.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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