Mar 21st New pricing structure for reseller plans

Hello, The new pricing structure was informed through email in late 2022. As it the pricing will be Monthly plan -> R1 - $10R2 - $15R3 - $20R4 - $25 Every annual plan (Specially reseller plan) has up to 50% off compared to monthly plan. R1 cost annually cost $60 ($10*12- 50% off=$60) R2 cost annually cost $120 ($15*12- 35% ... Read More »

Aug 18th Server update in process, warning ⛔️


Server update in process. While server being updated there maybe issue in login and access to your cpanel, whm, webmail. Once the upgrade finished, these services will be back automatically

You may see mentioning license error. It is common while updating a server. So please ignore it and wait

Thank you